Quality in Training

We help you establish a common standard for all training across your company.

What do we do?

We train your in-company trainers.

We establish a common standard for all training across your company business.

We work worldwide in most languages, always considering the nuances of different cultures.

Why us?

When we work with you to train your trainers, we match our experience and proven procedures to the individual requirements and values of your company. We prepare a concept that is tailored exactly to the needs of your organization.

Making the strategic objectives of your company our priority

Making the strategic objectives of your company our priority

  • We concentrate on your requirements and train your trainers with your company objectives, values and culture in mind.
  • When they deliver their trainings, your trainers promote and enhance the strategic objectives of your company.

Developing your trainers and the training organization

Developing your trainers and the training organization

  • We have frequently initiated sustainable change and successfully guided companies and their training organizations through these processes.
  • Your trainers go through their own personal change process during which they review, modify and strengthen their trainer personalities.

Establishing a common standard for all training across your company

Establishing a common standard for all training across your company

  • The combination of your requirements and our experience results in a common standard for all training courses which we then put in place throughout your organization.
  • This common understanding of what constitutes effective training practices will transform your entire training organization.

Tailored concept

Tailored concept

  • Before we finalize our program, we consult the people who oversee training in your organization to match your specific needs with our tried and tested concepts.
  • This results in qualification practices for your business that promise long-term success and feel like they have been “purpose-built” for you and your trainers.

Business expertise

Business expertise

  • Our team of trainers has extensive experience in the fields of training, product management, sales and after-sales – across a wide range of industries and cultures.
  • Our tried and tested implementation practices have frequently led to the successful completion of development and qualification projects all over the world.

External certification

External certification

  • Our trainer qualification is certified by TÜV Rheinland Akademie, the academy of TÜV Rheinland, an internationally recognized organization that certifies professional trainers.
  • This external certification provides you, your internal and external clients, and your business partners with proof of the competence of your trainers and the quality of our trainer qualification.

Let your trainers achieve their full potential!

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Our trainer qualification puts your trainers and your entire training organization through a profound change process.

  • Throughout this process of change your trainers review and strengthen their trainer personalities.
  • All courses held by your training organization are interactive, holistic and effective. They support your company in the achievement of its strategic objectives.
  • The participants are enthusiastic and actively engaged in the learning process.

“Every trainer has unexplored potential. It’s my job to unlock it.”

Carsten Deters

The trainer qualification procedure

Our training concept is individually tailored to suit your organization and its strategic goals. We define expectations, determine the learning and development outcomes and agree on the extent and length of the qualification program. This ensures we deliver the outcomes that you are looking for.

Preliminary discussions

This is when we find out what expectations you have of our trainer qualification program.

Individual advice

We consult with you to ensure that the qualification concept we suggest is specifically tailored for your company.


Together we finalize the concept, create a roadmap for our collaboration and establish accountability.


We align our qualification program to the individual needs of your organization as defined during kick-off.

Trainer qualification

Our trainer qualification typically consists of four in-person modules, each lasting four days, with one online webinar between each module.

Trainer certification (optional)

You can choose to have your trainers certified by TÜV Rheinland Akademie at the end of the fourth module.

E-training module

This additional option provides the skills that your trainers will need to deliver courses online and in blended learning formats.

Your trainers are experts who have the ability to develop and deliver interactive training courses that strongly reinforce learner engagement. Not only that, they are reliable ambassadors for your company.

An overview of our trainer qualification


We help you establish common standards for all training across your company.


Our trainer qualification is precisely tailored to support your company in achieving its strategic goals.


We combine your requirements with our experience: our training program achieves the best possible outcome for your company and your trainers.


Our international team of trainers ensures that the implementation of your in-house qualification program is holistic, sustainable and interactive – worldwide.

Success guaranteed:
Your trainers achieve the desired learning and development outcomes. Together we raise your entire training organization to a whole new level!

What our clients say about our trainer qualification

As a technician with nearly a decade of experience, I always thought that trainings were done with PowerPoint, and it was up to you whether you took the information in or not. However, after the training with Carsten, I’ve thrown that idea in the trash! The different activation methods and activities that Carsten has shown me have completely changed how I develop my training sessions. My students now get the most out of them and have fun while learning!

Adam Simpson

Trainer - , DWPA, Scottland

Adam Simpson

I have to confess that I was very skeptical when I started the first training session with Carsten. But with time, I became fascinated by the wide variety of methods he uses for different topics, especially the complex ones. But above all, the trainer qualification has radically changed my approach to courses – from creation to realization. Carsten has provided me with the tools to transfer any kind of concept to anybody!

Gaetano Bonura

Trainer - , Nordex Global Training Academy, Italy

Carsten Anderson

CEO - , DWPA, Denmark

The trainer qualification we did with Carsten Deters & Partner set the framework for the roll-out of a training concept for a highly complex technology in China. In addition to enhancing the professional expertise of our trainers, we were able to make sustainable changes to our training culture. This meant that our trainers not only expanded their skillsets, but also fundamentally changed their attitudes. We are proud of what we achieved. My former boss, who was based at company headquarters, said: “I almost feel like I’m back at headquarters. The only difference is the Chinese characters on the flip charts.”

Miao He

Asia Training Center Manager - , previous Jungheinrich, China

Our trainer qualification has proved highly successful

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Let your trainers develop their full potential!

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