What motivates me?
Unlocking people’s potential

It all started with technology


I completed an electrical and electronic engineering training program in the German navy (ending with a Master craftsman’s qualification)


I gained a further qualification as a maintenance engineer / aviation inspector class 2 (avionics) at Lufthansa CityLine


I set up and headed Lufthansa CityLine’s vocational education and training program


I qualified as a trainer and worked in the field of technical training at Lufthansa CityLine

trainer personality

My experience of being a trainer

Like most people, when I first started working as a trainer, I spent hours preparing and perfecting PowerPoint presentations, although I did often wonder whether I was doing the right thing. I couldn’t help feeling that something was missing. What that something was remained a mystery to me.

The answer came to me much later and as a complete surprise during a train the trainer qualification program. It unlocked potential in me that I never knew I had. Within three weeks I had totally changed my attitude to training and the learning experience. A personal development process had been triggered. I suddenly became acutely aware of what I should be doing. My understanding of myself as a trainer changed fundamentally. I discovered my own trainer personality and came out stronger for it.

What has changed?

Put simply, people always come first, whatever I’m doing.

I channel my energy into preparing physical classroom materials and the training room setup rather than PowerPoint presentations.

My aim is to create a positive learning environment in which participants feel comfortable and engaged.

I believe in building good relationships right from the start, with each participant and with the group as a whole.

Above all, I see myself as a learning facilitator providing participants with the skills and confidence to acquire knowledge on their own.

Today, I encourage other trainers to set out on a similar personal journey to develop their individual trainer personalities.

My skills in the area of training and organization development

A trainer personality is not something that develops overnight. That is why I have never stopped attending courses to improve my knowledge and skills, repeatedly channelling these new insights into my trainer qualification.
It has been a fascinating journey and included the following:

  • Train the Trainer
  • Comprehensive trainer qualification program
  • Accelerated learning & suggestopedia
  • Educational neuroscience
  • Systemic hypnotherapy concepts for groups/teams at the Milton Erickson Institute
  • Systemic consultant for organization development
  • Online trainer qualification
development trainer qualification

What do I do when I’m not working?

True, I don’t spend all my time unlocking the potential of your trainers!

I enjoy listening to music, anything from acid and big band jazz to “Pop meets Classic”, and I play the trumpet.

I also like reading non-fiction books, including ones about educational neuroscience or positive psychology.

I like spending time with my family and friends, especially travelling with them and exploring different cultures.

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