Trainer qualification

International, proven, certified.

What makes a training program outstanding?

Truly effective trainings…

… are not just consumed, people actively participate in them.

… are interactive and varied.

Aktives Training mit Tanzen

… maximize the transfer of trained knowledge and skill back on the job.

… get people engaged.

Our interactive methods are so effective
that we hardly ever use PowerPoint.

Our trainer qualification

Our trainer qualification program sets in motion a comprehensive process that fosters sustained change and has a positive impact on all levels of your organization. It is our job to guide you and your trainers through this process.


  • are enthusiastic and attentive.
  • enjoy learning and are actively engaged.
  • complete the training course with the desired learning outcome.


  • go through a sustained process of personal change.
  • review, modify and strengthen their trainer personalities.
  • become facilitators of learning and ambassadors for your business.

  Your training organization

  • delivers consistently high quality training courses.
  • is well received and participants start to have higher expectations.
  • achieves more effective results and better approval ratings across your business.

  Your company

  • has a team of trainers who are motivated, highly qualified and form a strong network within your organization.
  • benefits from a common standard for all training worldwide.
  • profits from the fact that all training courses support you in achieving your business objectives.

The trainer qualification procedure

Our trainer qualification consists of four classroom modules, each lasting four days. These modules typically take place over a period of between 15 and 18 months.

The content of the modules and the length of time between them is flexible because we tailor our trainer qualification to suit the specific requirements and objectives of your organization. The modules can be completed within 12 months, or take up to 2 years. The choice is yours.

Our trainers travel to your trainers, wherever in the world they are. You can even ask us to deliver our trainer qualification course in the local language. We ensure that your team of trainers are qualified to the same high level and nothing is lost in translation.

In module 4 of our trainer qualification you can choose whether you want your trainers to be assessed by external examiners. Certification confirms the success of our concept and provides proof of the competence of each individual trainer.

Module 1

Training standard and trainer competence
  • Establishing and applying a common standard across all training courses
  • Developing a trainer personality
  • Applying the key interactive learning methods

Module 2

Creating effective training courses
  • Developing effective learning processes
  • Designing and delivering interactive training units
  • Dealing with difficult situations in a professional manner
  • Applying training methods that facilitate learning

Module 3

Strategies for effective training planning
  • Defining and formulating learning objectives
  • Combining structure and methods in training development
  • Making use of group dynamics
  • Developing and designing training concepts and guidelines

Module 2

Creating effective training courses
  • Developing effective learning processes
  • Designing and delivering interactive training units
  • Dealing with difficult situations in a professional manner
  • Applying training methods that facilitate learning

Module 4

Professional development and certification of trainers
  • Strengthening trainer competence
  • Actively influencing learning processes
  • Building the competence to deal with multicultural groups
  • High quality program leading to trainer certification

Skills and abilities

During the course of our trainer qualification program, your trainers develop a 3-level set of strategies relating to knowledge and skills, behaviors and attitudes.

Knowledge and skills

Improving methodology and presentation skills

Enhancing group dynamics

Creating a positive learning environment


Building trust within the group setting

Placing the participants and their learning outcome at the centre of their actions

Seeing themselves as a learning facilitator rather than an imparter of knowledge


Being aware of their role as a trainer and what their impact is

Reviewing, modifying and strengthening their own trainer personalities

Critically assessing and evaluating the way they see themselves as a trainer

Our trainer qualification means that the training courses in your organization become part of a comprehensive approach consisting of content, atmosphere, learning and experiencing.

What our clients say about our trainer qualification

Johannes Raabe

Techn. Trainer - , Nordex Global Training Academy, Germany

I was somewhat surprised when I realized that Carsten was going to spend 10 full days training us without ever turning on his computer. He develops all of his training methods himself. We were able to try them out and reflect on how we experienced them. Carsten really did a lot to help our trainers develop their skills.

Uğur Kiliç

Jr. GWO Training Coordinator - , Nordex Academy Turkey, Turkey


5 days of training without PowerPoint – it was unbelievable! A big change for me personally! I use much more creative methods now; it’s fun for everyone! And I do my trainings with passion, while sharing knowledge at the same time. The reaction in the classroom – “Woooo, this is something entirely different!” – was the biggest reward for me. The participants enjoy every moment of my trainings.

José Henrique Magalhaes Carvalho

Trainer - , DWPA, Portugal


I haven’t fully understood how Carsten kept us so well motivated during the week – but it certainly worked perfectly! I have gained more confidence as a trainer, because I now know so many more methods and techniques. I now pay much more attention to the details. I had people with a lot of training experience enter my classroom and with these new methods and techniques, they were enthusiastic and had fun while learning!

Susana Peixoto Álvarez

Trainerin - , LOWIND, Spain


A win for your entire organization

  • Your trainers create interactive training courses that are lively and varied, strongly encouraging learner engagement.
  • Your training organization establishes a new common and international standard for all training across your company.
  • The participants realize that training is engaging and motivating, and learning outcomes are successful.
  • Our training qualification supports your business in achieving its strategic objectives.

That’s why when you choose our training qualification, it’s a win on all levels.
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