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Our operations cover the globe

Our trainer qualification program is available worldwide and in most languages. Our trainers travel to you, wherever in the world you are. We can conduct our trainer qualification program in your local language so that your entire team of trainers is qualified to the same high level and nothing is lost in translation.

We have a hand-picked team of trainers. They make use of the same set of qualifications and all employ the same strategies to maximize the effectiveness of learning. Some of them were trained by Carsten Deters himself. We make sure that all of our training programs deliver the same high quality experience – worldwide.

Our trainers operate all over the world

Whether you’re in Europe, the Americas or Asia, our trainers are there for you every step of the way.

This map shows where our trainers work. We are interested in expanding our activities, so get in touch with us if your country is not (yet) on our map.

Insights on our core team

All our trainers are long-standing partners of Carsten Deters. They have excellent professional qualifications as well as years of training experience. Our team specializes in the qualification and development of trainers working with multicultural groups across diverse geographic regions.

We can deliver our trainer qualification programs in English or in the local language. Our global network of hand-picked trainers is always ready to help.


Carsten Deters

Carsten Deters is the founder and owner of Carsten Deters & Partners. He has been providing businesses with professional advice and support in the development of their trainers and training organizations for over 15 years. Since developing his own trainer qualification and train the trainer programs, he has delivered courses in Germany, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the USA, China and Singapore.

In German and English.

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Peter Morgenroth

Peter Morgenroth has worked as a trainer in adult education for over 15 years. His main focus is on teaching and coaching trainers. He has given numerous training development and train the trainer qualification courses in multicultural settings with participants in Germany, the UK and Bahrain.

In German and English.

Trainer Fiona Yu

Fiona Yu

Fiona Yu has worked as a trainer in China and Southeast Asia for over 10 years. She has headed the Shanghai office of Carsten Deters & Partner for more than six years. Most of her work focuses on training people who deliver courses to Asian employees working for European companies. She brings Asia and Europe closer through a better understanding of their standards and culture.

In English and Chinese.

Trainer Uei Chiang Schreiber

Uei Chiang-Schreiber

Uei Chiang-Schreiber has been training international trainers in Germany and China for the past 20 years. She focuses mostly on trainers working in customer service, sales and language training.

In German and Chinese.

Trainer Christiane Christiany

Christiane Christiany

Christiane Christiany has been involved in adult education for over 30 years and trained trainers for more than 10 years – primarily in France. The main themes of her training courses are communication strategies, stress management and the interaction between human and organizational factors.

In German and French.

Trainer Stefan Kurze

Stefan Kurze

Stefan Kurze has directed his focus towards training trainers from Eastern Europe working in sales, Aftersales and product management for more than 10 years. Previously, he worked as a training consultant and trainer for education- and human resources managers.

In German, English, Polish and Russian.

Friede Gebhard

Friede Gebhard

Friede Gebhard has trained technical trainers in multicultural groups in South America and Spain since 2018. She has also spent more than 30 years training trainers in companies and state-run educational institutions, specializing in the development and optimization of learning processes.

In German and Spanish.

We work with so many competent and qualified trainers that it would be impossible to introduce them all here. If you are looking for training courses in a language not mentioned here, do get in touch with us. Our network of trainers spans the globe, so we are very likely to be able to help you.

Partnering with us for your global success

Backed by the extensive experience and expertise of our international team of trainers you will be able to establish a common global quality standard for all training courses across your organization.

Get in touch with us!

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