“The training organization has no option but to keep up with change.”

If you thought that “all” I do is work with your trainers, then I’m going to have to disappoint you. While it is true that a large part of my trainer qualification involves equipping your trainers with the skills to deliver high quality training programs, my trainer qualification also leads to a change process within your training organization.

Not only do these two change processes take place at the same time, they are also heavily interconnected. Whereas the trainers need the full support and backing of the training organisation to be able to make a success of the change process, this process also sets in motion a change process within the training organization itself.

Zwei Prozesse, ein Vorgehen für die Veränderung der Trainingsorganisation

Two processes, one approach

I don’t believe that training trainers in a setting that is far removed from their normal training environment is particularly effective. A profound and sustained personal change can only be successful in a supportive environment. Let me give you an example. It doesn’t matter how many creative and imaginative methods I teach your trainers, if their classrooms are not equipped with the materials they need to implement these ideas, they will feel restricted and can very easily fall back into their old ways.

That’s why in my trainer qualification the personal change processes of your trainers and the development of your training organization go hand in hand.

Veränderungspotentiale in der Trainingsorganisation

Recognizing potential for change

The first time we meet to prepare for the trainer qualification, we identify potential areas for change. This gets your training organization thinking about which skills in particular I should promote and encourage in the development of your trainers. These decisions vary from company to company. The fact that I also incorporate your business objectives into my training ensures that your training organization as a whole puts extra thought into how it sees itself, how others see it, and what it expects of itself and its trainers. After all, each of our training courses is tailored to support your company in achieving its strategic goals.

All training organizations are different. That is why I never expect to see the same change process twice. The topics that need to be tackled are as different as the companies themselves. While the focus of one client may be on their central training organization gaining greater influence and acceptance across the enterprise, the change process of another client could well revolve around implementing global standards for all trainers and training. That’s why it’s so important that the change criteria are clearly defined in advance. This ensures that your company and your trainers take away as much as possible from my trainer qualification.

Trainingsorganisation: Veränderungsprozesse greifen ineinander

Mutually dependent change processes

As soon as the first trainers start reviewing and strengthening their individual trainer personalities, the participants in their training courses begin to notice changes in behavior and impact. These training courses are highly interactive, effective and varied. Your trainers know how to ensure that their participants are motivated and actively engaged. Learning within your company will be something people enjoy and are successful at.

This is the point at which the training organization notices that participant expectations have changed. Now, the general assumption is that training courses throughout the company are enjoyable and effective – whoever delivers them and wherever they take place! In other words, the participants come to expect a common standard for all training worldwide.

This gets things moving in your training organization – which is a good thing! More specifically, your training organization builds a positive reputation and achieves better approval ratings throughout your company. The training organization itself will have to steadily evolve to ensure it continues to live up to these heightened expectations. It my job to work with you to implement these new and novel approaches throughout your company.

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